Trackaris Trackaris is offering you accurate people search

and reverse phone lookup!

Trackaris is the next generation of people search and reverse phone lookup engine.

What is Trackaris?

It’s a Reverse Phone Number Lookup engine. You can look up any phone number, cell phone or landline in the USA and Canada. It’s fast, secure (SSL secured), safe and anonymous. Your identity will never be disclosed to anyone.


What we provide?

The phone owner's:

- Owners full name and address

- Phone type, carrier

- Age, gender

- Associated persons

- Background check if it’s available for an additional fee


How much does it costs?

$ 9.99 USD Single phone report.

$1.00 USD – 7 day trial membership subscription for unlimited lookups with $29.99/month after 7 day trial.


How fast is the report available?

Instantly, register and pay in 5 minutes!




How reliable is the provided report?

We have over 1.3 billion records refreshed 24/7. It’s the most accurate data provided by anyone.


Questions? Need Help?

You can contact us non-stop day or night online through our Contact Form or by phone between our regular business hours.